Traffic & Criminal Court Information

NOTICE: Payments for the Hilton Head Municipal Court can now be paid with the Bluffton Magistrate Court at 4819 Bluffton Parkway Bluffton, SC 29910.  

If you are charged with a Traffic or Criminal offense in Magistrate Court

You have the option of pleading:

  • Guilty
  • Not Guilty
  • or Nolo Contendere

A plea of Nolo Contendere, also known as No Contest, means that you are not admitting
any guilt, but that you believe the officer may have enough evidence to convict you of the charge.

If you plead Not Guilty:

You have the right to a Bench Trial or a Jury Trial.

In a Bench Trial, the Judge will hear your case on your court date and render a verdict.

If you wish to request a Jury Trial, you must do so in writing 5 days prior to your court date.

Jury Trials:

For pro se defendants, we will make every effort to select your jury on your original court date.
In the event your jury is not selected on your original court date, you will be notified in writing of your jury selection date.

Public Defenders:

To apply for a Public Defender, contact the Office of the Clerk of Court in the Main Courthouse.

You must apply for and be appointed a Public Defender BEFORE your scheduled Court date.