Bond Information

 Bond Court
  • Bond hearings are held in the Detention Center twice a day.
  • Please check at the front desk of the Detention Center to see when a person’s bond hearing will be held.  
Posting Bonds
  • Bonds must be posted at the Detention Center.
  • Please check at the front desk in the Detention Center to find out the amount of bond/fines due.
  • For persons held in the Detention Center, funds to pay their bonds or fines (if held on bench warrants) must be deposited into their inmate accounts for the inmates to use to pay any bonds/fines due.  
Bond Refunds

If you are due a refund of all or part of your bond:

  • Refunds are mailed between the 1st and 10th day of the month following the month of your Court date.
  • Please be sure that the Court has your correct mailing address.