Hilton Head Island Uniform Service Fee

This fee is charged to property owners within the Town of Hilton Head Island only and is listed on your tax bill as HHPF.

On August 24th, 2020 Beaufort County Council approved an ordinance to charge a Uniform Service Fee to the Town of Hilton Head Island property owners for law enforcement services provided by the Beaufort County Sheriff’s office to the Town of Hilton Head Island annually.

This fee is levied onto all improved property annexed within the Town of Hilton Head Island

A link to the ordinance can be found here: Ordinance 2020/29

The fee is determined by property use and / or square footage. See Table of Charges below:

Land Use                  Demand Unit     

Service Charge per Demand Unit

Single-Family Housing Unit      $134
MultiFamily Housing Unit      $99
Retail 1,000 sq. ft.      $219
Office/Service 1,000 sq. ft.      $84
Industrial 1,000 sq. ft.      $37
Institutional 1,000 sq. ft.      $84
Lodging Room      $62

*Updated June 21, 2022 Ordinance 2022 / 33

No public or private property shall be exempt from this fee, and no reduction will be granted to the property owner for any reason.

You may appeal the class code used to establish the property use and/or the square footage only. You must supply documentation supporting your reason for appealing. You may apply online using this form HHI Uniform Service Fee Appeal Form