Elected Officials



President and Vice President

Donald J Trump / Michael R Pence

U.S. Senate

Lindsey Graham

U.S. Senate

Tim Scott

U.S. Rep in Congress, Dist 1

Joe Cunningham

U.S. Rep in Congress, Dist 6

James Clyburn


Henry McMasters

Lieutenant Governor

Kevin L. Bryant

Secretary of State

Mark Hammond

State Treasurer

Curtis Loftis

Attorney General

Alan Wilson

Comptroller General

Richard Eckstrom

State Superintendent of Education

Molly Spearman

Adjutant General

Bob E. Livingston, Jr.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Hugh Weathers

State Senate District 43

Chip Campsen

State Senate District 45

Margie Bright Matthews

State Senate District 46

Tom Davis

House District 118

Bill Herbkersman

House District 120

William Weston Newton

House District 121

Michael F. Rivers, Sr.

House District 122

Shedron Williams

House District 123

Jeffrey A. "Jeff" Bradley

House District 124

Shannon Erickson

14th Circuit Solicitor

Isaac "Duffie" Stone

Probate Judge

Kenneth E. Fulp, Jr.

Clerk of Court

Jerri Ann Roseneau


P.J. Tanner


Ed Allen

County Auditor

Jim Beckert

County Treasurer

Maria Walls

County Council District 1

Gerald Dawson

County Council District 2

Paul Sommerville

County Council District 3

York Glover, Sr

County Council District 4

Alice G. Howard

County Council District 5

Brian Flewelling

County Council District 6

Joseph Passiment

County Council District 7

Michael Covert

County Council District 8

Chris Hervochon

County Council District 9

Mark Lawson

County Council District 10

Lawrence P. McElynn

County Council District 11

Stewart Rodman

School Board District 1

Earl Campbell, Vice-Chair

School Board District 2

David Striebinger

School Board District 3

Cynthia Gregory

School Board District 4

Joseph Dunkle

School Board District 5

Geri Kinton

School Board District 6

John R. Dowling

School Board District 7

Evva Anderson

School Board District 8

Mary Cordray

School Board District 9

Christina Gwozdz

School Board District 10

Bill Payne

School Board District 11

JoAnn Orischak

Beaufort Soil and Water Con Dist Seat 1

Denise Parsick

Beaufort Soil and Water Con Dist Seat 2

Ross Sanders

Beaufort Soil and Water Con Dist Seat 3

Luke Inabinett

Bluffton Mayor

Lisa Sulka

Bluffton Council A

Harry Lutz

Bluffton Council B

Fred Hamilton

Bluffton Council C

Larry Toomer (Mayor Pro-Temp)

Bluffton Council D

Dan Wood

Beaufort City Mayor

Billy Keyserling

Beaufort City Council A

Philip Cromer

Beaufort City Council B

Stephen D. Murray, III

Beaufort City Council C

Nan Sutton

Beaufort City Council D

Mike McFee

Port Royal Mayor

Samuel Murray

Port Royal Council A

Mary Beth Gray-Heyward

Port Royal Council B

Darryl Owens

Port Royal Council C

Jerry Ashmore

Port Royal Council D

Robert Landrum

Hilton Head Mayor

David Bennett

Hilton Head, Ward 1

Marc Grant

Hilton Head, Ward 2

William Harkins

Hilton Head, Ward 3

David Ames

Hilton Head, Ward 4

Kim Likins (Mayor Pro-Temp)

Hilton Head, Ward 5

Thomas Lennox

Hilton Head, Ward 6

John McCann

Fripp Island PSD, Commissioner A

Rick Keup (Chairman)

Fripp Island PSD, Commissioner B

John Derrick

Fripp Island PSD, Commissioner C

Rich Combes

Fripp Island PSD, Commissioner D

Dan McCormick (Vice Chairman)

Fripp Island PSD, Commissioner E

Steve McKay

Fripp Island PSD, Commissioner F

Jim Parks

Hilton Head PSD District 1

Herbert Ford

Hilton Head PSD District 2

David McCoy

Hilton Head PSD District 3A

Patti Soltys

Hilton Head PSD District 3B

Bob Gentzler (Vice Chairman)

Hilton Head PSD District 4A

Frank Drehwing

Hilton Head PSD District 4B

Bob Manne (Chairman)

Hilton Head PSD District 4C

Gary Kratz (Treasurer)

Yemassee Mayor Colin Moore
Yemassee Town Council A Michelle Hagan
Yemassee Town Council B Peggy Bing-O'Banner
Yemassee Town Council C (Vacant)
Yemassee Town Council D Chuck Simmons