May River

 The May River is a State designed outstanding resource water that is significant to our community today for a number of reasons:
  • Its historic and cultural uses
  • Its aesthetics and views which add to the quality of life for its citizens
  • Its numerous natural resource populations that are directly harvested and utilized by local and regional residents
  • Its economic impacts, both direct and indirect, to the community

Due to this significance, the Town of Bluffton and County realized that the protection of this and other outstanding water resources are of utmost importance to our communities and have jointly coordinated to protect and restore the May River. This is being done by formal Intergovernmental Agreement, formulating a partnership to protect our jointly shared outstanding water resources.

May River Watershed Action Plan

Lowcountry Stormwater Partners Website



May River Monitoring Efforts

The Town of Bluffton and Beaufort County have increased efforts to help determine sources and effects of development on Fecal Coliform levels in the tributaries of the May River. This analysis is being done in cooperation with the Lab at USC Bluffton. This effort supplements ongoing monitoring efforts by the Town and County. Previously the Town had conducted sampling on the main stem of the May River and the County has long term trend monitoring at two stations on Rose Dhu and Stoney Creeks.

May River Water Sampling Stations
Additional Water Sampling Stations

The long term and recent Fecal Coliform data are presented below for both the Town and County.

Maps of Stoney & Rose Dhu Creeks Fecal Coliform Geo-Mean Averages
Rose Dhu
Stoney Creek

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