Grant Awards

Beaufort Rail Trail (Green Corridor)

Beaufort County has been awarded a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Transportation, Community, and System Preservation Program (TCSP) for construction of 2.1 miles of a federally rail banked right of way into a 12-foot wide shared use pathway.  The project will provide a pedestrian/cycling corridor that parallels US 21 and Ribaut Road, two Federal-aid highways.  The project will facilitate an underutilized mode of transportation in the region and will result in the reduction of vehicle miles traveled (VMTs) and promote pedestrian and cycling safety.  Beaufort County has control of the railroad right-of-way and is ready to begin the project. 

This project will be to construct a 2.1 mile portion of the Beaufort Rail Trail, a 20-mile shared use pathway that will eventually link Port Royal, SC to the East Coast Greenway in Sheldon, SC (US 17).  The 2.1 mile portion is located in the most densely populated area of Northern Beaufort County.  It parallels US 21 (28,700 ADTs), a principal arterial, and Ribaut Road (19,100 ADTs) - both are classified as Federal-aid highways.  The 2.1 mile section is located between Depot Road and Parris Island Gateway (280) - a key connective stretch that contains one trestle (see map attachment).  The total project budget is $1,304,400; $1,043,520 is being provided from FHA TCSP; $260,880 is being provided by Beaufort County as a match.  The cost of the 2.1 mile project is based on a figure of $75/linear foot to construct a paved 12' wide trail.  An additional $284,600 is to repair and retrofit Ealey's Trestle.  $188,220 is allocated for project design, engineering, and administration. 

Beaufort County is submitting qualifications to SCDOT to receive Local Public Agency designation and hopes to begin the project in the first quarter of 2012. 

Beaufort County SC TCSP 2011 Application Scope Revision 11.30.2011

FHA TCSP Grant Map 11.30.2011