Staff Directory

Anderson, Libby Planner 255-2143
Anderson, Lisa Assistant Zoning Administrator 255-2171
Austin, Hillary Zoning and Development Administrator 255-2173
Brantley, Mary Zoning Analyst II 255-2172
Davis, Mark Planning and Zoning Department Deputy Director 255-2149
DiJulio-Cook, Chris Project & Development Coordinator 255-2140
Flake, Amanda Natural Resources Planner 255-2142
Forbus, Kristen Long Range Planner 255-2147
Holmes, LaSaundra Zoning Analyst I 255-2170
Merchant, Robert Planning and Zoning Department Director 255-2148
Moss, Nancy Community Development Planner 255-2146
Smith, Juliana Environmental Long Range Planner 255-2141