2022 EMS Professional of the Year - Sara Cathey



2021 EMS Professional of the Year - Karen Morris

2021 prof of year


2020 EMS Professional of the Year - Sean Fripp



2019 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year - Jason Schroyer 

2019 Beaufort Exchange


2018 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year - Mark Fitzgibbons

2018_exchange_club_mark_fitzgibbons.jpg   2018_exchange_club_mark_fitzgibbons_1.jpg


2018 EMS Professional of the Year - Matt Pastore

 2018_person_of_year_portrait       2018 Asa Award


2017 EMS Professional of the Year - Kevin Flick

2017 ems employ

2017 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year - Paul Gates

2017 Exchange Club

2015 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year - Mike O'Regan

2015 Beaufort Exchange Club

2013 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year - Rebecca Harrison

exchange club 2013     2013 exchange

 2013 EMS Professional of the Year - Gary Taylor

2013 ems employee

2012 EMS Professional of the Year - Tommy Pike

Tommy Pike, EMS Professional of 2012

2012 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year - Karen Morris

Karen Morris, Exchange Club

2011 EMS Professional of the Year - Virginia Marshall

ems professional 2011    ems professional 2011_1

ems professional 2011_2

2010 EMS Professional of the Year - Jennifer Cespino

ems prof 2010    ems prof 2


2009 Congressional Fire Service Institute Award - Secession Golf Club

     Given to Beaufort EMS & Lady's Island/St. Helena Fire

            Paramedic Chris Hicks & EMT Brittany Parris

seccession    seccession


Paramedic Sean Fripp showing the students of The Complete Student in Port Royal, SC, the ins and outs of his "office in April 2021.



Interacting with local Girl Scout Troop 4000 at St Luke's Methodist Church, Okatie, SC - October 1, 2019.

girl_scout_troop_4000-1.jpg  girl_scout_troop_4000-2.jpg


Celebrating Bluffton National Night Out, October 1, 2019.  On this night EMS was able to interact with other local first responder agencies and the residents of Bluffton.

bluffton_nat_night_2019-1.jpg    bluffton_nat_night_2019-2.jpg


On September 21st, 2019, Paramedic Tanya Pitt and EMT-A Cherish Eubank were fortunate to meet with good samaritan and the individual he rescued.

boat_capt-1.jpg      boat_capt-2.jpg


Lady's Island Elementary, Beaufort, SC, invited first responders to attend their first responders appreciation luncheon - September 11, 2019

LISH_9_11_19-2.JPG   LISH_9_11_19-1_1.jpeg


Taking a moment to remember September 11th, 2001, at the Bluffton 9/11 Commeration Ceremony - 2019

bluffton_9_11_19-5.JPG     bluffton_9_11_19-3.JPG




Beaufort County EMS was able to participate in the Beaufort Lowe's Hurricane Preparedness Fair on Saturday, August 24, 2019.   This opportunity gave us, as well as multiple other agencies, the chance to spread the word about hurricane preparedness as the 2019 Hurricane Season ramps up.



lowes_hurricane_2019_1  lowes_hurricane_2019_2


Beaufort County EMS received a donation of pet oxygen masks to help our four legged friends in need. Each red bag comes with a 3 different sized masks that can also be hooked to not only an oxygen cylinder but also a bag valve device in case we need to assist with ventilations.   Thank you to Paramedic T. Pitt work working with our benefactor Invisible Fence Company.  Our model’s name is Leo (Mastiff / Great Dane mix), is owned by Paramedic T. Pitt.

Leo_pet mask 

 Leo_model_1  Leo_model_2


Supporting the regional Special Olympics Track and Field Event.  This year we were fortunate to meet with the 2019 torch carrier.

 Special Olympics 


Each month Vaden of Beaufort honors a local individual in their "Everyday Hero Program."  Our very own Jason Schroyer received the March 2019 recognition.



Beaufort County EMS participating the annual Beaufort Memorial Hospital Safety Fair - March 2019.

BMH Safety Fair 2019


Working with Burton Fire District at Whale Brance Middle School to install Jacob's Kits, an emergency Stop the Bleed kit for classrooms.

Feb_26_jacob_kits_1.jpg  Feb_26_jacob_kits_2.jpg


Hilton Head Fire and Rescue hosted Dr. Jim DuCanto to speak at the Comprehensive Airway Management Program (CAMP) in December 2018.  Beaufort County EMS personnel were fortunate to partake in this learning opportunity.


CAMP 2018  CAMP 2018_3


Bluffton Christmas Parade - 2018

Bluffton Christmas Parade 2018


Each month Beaufort County EMS holds a continuing education class for their employee and local first responders, covering such topics as cardiac rhythms to environmental emergencies.  This December Lifestar spoke to employees about their apparatus, along of sharing a day in the life of the flight crew.



Working with Burton Fire Department, Beaufort County EMS was able to provide assistance to a family's pet that was involved in a structure fire in November 2018. 

burton_fire_nov_2018.jpg    burton_fire_nov_2018_1.jpg


Beaufort County EMS was invited to the fall community picnic held by Olde Tabby Park in November 2018.

OTP Picnic 2018


Annual Bluffton Night Out - 2018

Bluffton Night Out 2018


Participating in the 2019 September 11th Memorial - 2018.

Bluffton Sept 11_2018


Beaufort County was fortunate to avoid the wrath of Hurricane Florence.  In September 2018, members from our organization assisted members of Horry County Fire and Rescue.

 Hurricane Florence_4  Hurricane Florence_3


2018 Daufuskie Island Day at EMS 4

2018 Daufuskie Day


2018 Hurricane Preparedness Expo - Lowes of Beaufort

2018 Hurricane Preparedness


Beaufort County EMS newest 2018 paramedic graduates - Reid Colton, Steven Driggers, Danielle Sweet

2018 Paramedics


2018 Career Day - St Helena Elementary

2018 St Helena El Career Day   St Helena 2018


Cub Scout 272 Learning about EMS - November 2017

Cub Scout 272  Cub Scout 272


Enjoying the 2017 Solar Eclipse  

2017 Solar Eclipse 


2016 SC EMS Memorial Bike Ride

2016 SC EMS Bike Ride 100 mile 2016


2015 September 11th Ceremony 


 2015 911 ceremony   2015 911 bluffton


Fundraiser for Julie Williams, November 12, 2013 - Fat Patties, Beaufort, SC 

   Julie Williams Fundraiser  Julie Williams Fundraiser



Paramedics Daniel Byrne, Shayna Orsen, Michael McDonnell, Chris Boltin & Jennifer Cespino

swat tccc        swat tccc



SWAT Training  with South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)

 swat PI



RMAT Drill 2013 - Columbia SC

 rmat drill 2013



Bluffton Public Event – 2012

   bluffton public 2012



LT Dan Weekend 2012 - Individuals from City of Beaufort FD, Burton FD, LISH FD, and EMS volunteered their time to assist military veterans.

lt dan painting  lt dan 2012




Cubes for the Cure - Boston Butt Fundraiser

cubes for cure  cubes for cure_1



Demonstration of Lucas 2 used to provide mechanical CPR.

 lucas demo  lucas demo



Sun City Thank You - July 23, 2012

 sun city  sun city

sun city



Battery Creek Mock Prom Accident – 2012

 Battery Creek Prom Mock Car Accident - 2012  Battery Creek Prom Mock Car Accident - 2012

Battery Creek Prom Mock Car Accident - 2012  Battery Creek Prom Mock Car Accident - 2012



2011 In Service Training Taught by Beaufort County Sherriff Bomb Squad

 bomb squad  bomb squad

bomb squad


2011 Training - Regional Medical Assistance Team (RMAT)

 rmat 2011  rmat 2011_1



2009 City of Beaufort Christmas Parade

xmas 2009  xmas 2009  xmas gator