Section 40-11-360 (B)

Effective March 31, 2008

Section 40-11-360 (B), SC Code of Laws

The board shall distribute posters to each building permit office in the State requesting that the posters be placed in a conspicuous location to be read by applicants. The posters shall state the following:

"The South Carolina Contractor's Licensing Act requires general and mechanical construction to be performed by licensed contractors. Both the owner and the contractor are subject to penalties for violations of the law. Work performed on projects is exempt from this requirement only for the following reasons:

  1. The total cost of construction is less than $5,000.00;
  2. The property will be used solely by the owner and his immediate family as a residence for a period of at least two years;
  3. For nonresidential projects, work performed by the owner is limited to nonstructural and nonmechanical portions of the project, or;
  4. The project is a farm building or portable storage building less than five thousand square feet used only for livestock or storage.

All other work must be performed by properly licensed contractors. All persons directly employed by the owner to perform work on the project are subject to state and federal laws covering occupational safety, family and medical leave, workers' compensation, social security, income tax withholding, and minimum wage requirements. Work performed must comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, building codes, and zoning regulations."