• Choices and Consequences

    One of the main goals of this program is to provide each participant with the necessary skill set to make better choices. Choices are made every day and all choices have positive or negative consequences. The consequences of your actions are the result of a choice you made.

    It’s easy to think of the short-term benefit that may come with a choice, but both positive and negative ramifications should be considered before following through with a decision. In order to make responsible choices and decisions, time must be taken to consider all available options. Additionally, the following considerations of:

    • What are all of the available options?
    • What are all of the possible consequences (good and bad)?
    • What are influencing choices?
    • What would be the most positive outcome?

    Tip: There is a greater chance of having regret or experiencing negative consequences if decisions are made in haste or on an impulse.

    Exercise: List three (3) poor decisions made in the last year. Explain why the choice was considered poor.

    These past decisions have provided life lessons on the need to stop and think before making decisions. Influences are all around people. Sometimes emotions or loved ones influence decisions made. Influences are not always negative, but thinking through decisions is always advised. The following exercise will help to identify components that may influence decisions. Although circumstances and individuals can influence choices, the ultimate control over a selected choice is the decision maker.

    The next few modules will guide the participant to critically evaluate how goals, values, self-esteem, conflict, stress, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can influence choices and can lead to a variety of consequences. There are many things in life outside of ones’ control, but each person has the power to make their own choices.

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