For an upgrade at Hilton Head Island Airport.

Hilton Head Island Airport Upgrade

A new terminal will provide comfort, convenience and a first class experience that our travelers deserve and expect when flying to Hilton Head. The impending terminal upgrade comes on the heels of a runway extension that made it easier for larger planes to land at the airport. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the airport was experiencing 200% increases in passengers from previous years, which put extreme strain on the pre‐9/11 terminal design and its parking lot.

The plan adds 43,000 square feet to the 18,500 square-foot building, about half of a holding room for passengers waiting to board. The other half includes a new grand hall and a four-lane passenger drop‐off and pick-up area. The project’s budget is $53 million, and $20 million of that is being paid by a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration.

3 Gate Terminal with Jetways

The airport terminal will now feature three gates with jetways to allow for easier boarding and accommodate the increase in passengers due to recent new flight offerings.

More Parking

More parking and an improved drop/off and pick/up area will help to accomodate the 200% increase in passenger traffic in recent years.

Enhanced Security Area

Expanded security areas will relieve some of the strain the increase in traffic has put on the pre-9/11 airport design.

Modernized Baggage Claim

Completely redesigned baggage claim areas and more space will allow for a better departure and arrival experience for our passengers.

About the Airport

Hilton Head Island Airport serves hundreds of thousands of passengers each year, and is the only airport located on Hilton Head Island. For more information, or to book flights, please visit our website or contact one of our airlines below.