Beaufort County Green Space Program

The Beaufort County Council recognizes the need to preserve land that has scenic, natural, recreational, rural, and open space character which is deemed essential to the County's quality of life; and in recognition of the negative consequences which are often associated with environmentally unsustainable levels of development.

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Green Space Program

On November 8, 2022, Beaufort County voters approved a referendum which authorized the establishment of the Beaufort County Green Space Program in accordance with Section 4-10-1010 et seq. of the Code of Laws of South Carolina. The purpose of the Green Space Program is set forth in detail in Beaufort County’s Ordinance No. 2022/39 and applicants are encouraged to review the ordinance in its entirety. The overall purpose of the program is to preserve open space, to protect critical and natural resources, and/or to provide land for recreation. It allows for the purchase of development rights and fee simple interest in lands that are threatened by development, which, if it occurs, will have detrimental effects on land use patterns, traffic, public safety, stormwater runoff, water quality or other conservation objectives.

Green Space Advisory Committee

The Green Space Program requires the establishment of a Green Space Advisory Committee. The duties and responsibilities of the Advisory Committee are:

  • to identify stakeholder groups with extensive knowledge of and experience in land preservation to assist with recommendations to the Advisory Committee on which area and types of properties to target for acquisition;
  • to develop and recommend to County Council for adoption program Criteria to guide the identification and prioritization of lands to be acquired through the Green Space Program;
  • to develop and recommend to County Council an application process that includes a measurable scoring system based on adopted program criteria;
  • to submit to South Carolina Department of Revenue, Council approved program criteria and application process for acknowledgement;
  • to review and recommend to Council, lands to be acquired based on the adopted program criteria and scoring system; and
  • to perform such other duties as may be assigned by County Council.

Minimum Requirements: Each member must possess experience in the areas of natural resources, land development, forestry, finance, land conservation, real estate, or law. Members shall possess considerable experience with, and a comprehensive knowledge of, the geography and condition of Beaufort County’s land, the natural environment, land development dynamics, and land preservation and development. Residency is not required of the Beaufort County Legislative Delegation member or of the member who is knowledgeable of the geography and condition of Beaufort County’s land. Current Beaufort County boards, commissions and agency members are encouraged to apply.

Apply to serve on the green space advisory committee

Community Services and Land Use Planning Discussion

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