County Public Works Department Earns National Accreditation; Making Beaufort County Fourth in SC

DPW Accreditation Council

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 3:41 PM

Beaufort County Public Works Department was recognized by the American Public Works Association (APWA) Monday, July 11, at the County Council meeting for earning accreditation from the Association.

"This means that your public works department, your director, and their staff know what they are doing," said Jim Neal from the APWA. "They're skilled professionals and public workers. Accreditation is a mark of professionalism that indicates an agency is committed to improvement and providing outstanding service to their citizens."

Usually, a two-year process due to all the departments, policy and operation reviews, and site visits, Beaufort County was able to finish the process in eight months. The accelerated timeline was due to most of the requirements already implemented by Public Works.

"The accreditation of Beaufort County Public Works indicates that staff has met all applicable accreditation documentation and practices over time," said Public Works Director Neil Desai. "Earning APWA accreditation reflects the staff's dedication towards continuous improvement and excellence. We are proud to earn this honor, and all credit goes to my department staff who make it their mission to provide services and programs that make Beaufort County a great place to live and work."

As only the fourth county in South Carolina to earn accreditation, Public Works has achieved the benefits of establishing an agency-wide culture and continuous improvement. It has improved operational performance, more effective team-building and staff development, increased efficiencies, reduced duplication and wasted resources, reduced liability, and lower insurance premiums. All of which help save County taxpayers money.

Areas of focus included organization and strategic planning, human resources management, finance, risk management, IT, emergency management, stormwater and flood management, and traffic operations. 

Accreditation is granted for four years and will expire on June 1, 2026.

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