New Solid Waste and Recycle Decal Applications Now Available to Residential Owners

Solid Waste Decal Illustration

Friday, October 16, 2020 5:22 PM

Starting October 19th, residents are able to apply for a decal using the online form at Applications are also available at all County convenience centers for Beaufort County residents to fill out.

Decal Required for Convenience Center Usage: Issued to County Residential Owners ONLY

The decal system is being introduced to prevent out-of-county abuse of our waste collection locations. Increased enforcement presence will be promoted to deter contractor use of County centers. 

One decal will be issued per Beaufort County property owner. In addition to the physical copy, residents will receive a digital copy that will allow them to have it on their phone and for other members of their household if they are using a different vehicle.

Each household will be allowed 3 visits per week to a Convenience Center.

Decals will be required beginning January 1, 2021.

Property owners might also consider making arrangements for individual curbside collection from a permitted waste hauler of their choice and at their own expense. A list of these haulers can be found here.

County Convenience Centers will remain fully staffed and available to help residents with questions and concerns. Convenience Center staff will be checking decals confirming only Beaufort County residential property owners are using the Convenience Centers.

These changes come after months of evaluation, public comment, County Council input and feedback with the goal of keeping all Convenience Centers safe, environmentally compliant, and easily accessible, while saving County taxpayers money.

If you are having trouble with finding your address using the form, please click here to contact us.  

For other questions, call the Beaufort County Solid Waste and Recycling Department at 843-255-2930.

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