Passive Parks Projects

As passive park properties come online for public access and passive recreation planning and construction, details will be provided below and will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. Any questions about passive park projects should be directed to the Passive Parks Manager (843-255-2152,


Fort Frederick Park - PLANNING UNDERWAY!

Plans for public access and recreation at Fort Frederick in the Town of Port Royal are being developed. Improvements will include a boat landing, trailer and nontrailer parking areas, a picnic pavilion, and a wildlife observation platform. Planning efforts are currently underway! Stay tuned for future updates as they become available.


New Riverside Regional Park - CONCEPTUAL PLAN APPROVED!

Beaufort County hosted a workshop on October 10, 2018 to obtain input from stakeholders on public access and passive recreation improvements for the County-owned New Riverside and Garvey Hall properties towards the formation of a regional passive park in the Bluffton area. The public, local officials, and adjacent property owners were encouraged to attend, as well as environmental organizations and ecotourism groups. Additionally, the Passive Parks Manager attended a question/answer session on November 7, 2018 at the request of the Haven community.

A draft conceptual plan has been completed and was presented and approved by the County Natural Resource Committee on May 20th, the Town of Bluffton Development Review Committee on October 16th, the Town of Bluffton Planning Commission on November 20th and the Town of Bluffton Council on January 14th.

Click here to view the draft conceptual plan map.


Widgeon Point Preserve - CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY!

Plans for public access and passive recreation improvements at Widgeon Point have been completed! Park improvements will include an entrance sign, a pervious parking area, a bird observation blind, an open air picnic pavilion, a water fountain, restrooms, and a nature trail. All event reservations will be suspended during the construction period. Once construction is completed, the property will be fully open to the public, and will be available for event reservations again. Stay tuned for future updates and a grand opening ceremony!

Click here to view the park plans.

This property is closed to the public and no admittance will be allowed during the construction period, which begins August 5, 2019!



In May 2017, the County and Town of Bluffton co-purchased this property to protect the historic Squire Pope Carriage House and to provide a passive public park on the May River. On November 5, 2018, County Council approved funding towards the planning and construction of park improvements, which will be lead by the Town of Bluffton. Improvements may include a bulkhead on the May River shoreline, walkways, parking, seating areas, restrooms, a catering kitchen, a crabbing dock, a large open lawn area, benches and tables, and lighting. Additionally, the carriage house will be restored. Stay tuned for future updates!

Click here to view the park plans.