Together For Beaufort County (T4BC)



Together for Beaufort County (T4BC) is an organizational framework that enhances our community’s capacity to address specific social problems. Collectively, Together for Beaufort County (T4BC) represents our community’s organized commitment to a shared vision and a common agenda: improving quality-of-life for Beaufort County residents.

This framework was envisioned in 2004 by community leaders who sought to unite our community’s diverse public and private agencies around a common purpose. This framework was developed with extensive feedback from community members and stakeholders who collectively agreed that our community’s five most important areas of focus are health, education, environment, social wellbeing, and economy. This feedback was used to launch the inaugural Together for Beaufort County framework for achieving collective impact. The collective impact model is used to create lasting solutions to critical social issues.

There are five criteria that must be met to be considered collective impact:

  1. Shared Vision: Partners must agree to a shared vision resulting from a thorough, data-driven understanding of the issues being addressed and culminating with an agreed agenda and framework to address them.
  2. Shared Measurement System: Partners must adopt a shared set of key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to measure collective success.
  3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities: The implementation of the agreed agenda to resolving community issues must include coordinated activities defined in a joint plan of action.
  4. Continuous Communication: Partners must agree to communicate with one another in order to maintain the shared vision and the joint execution of the action plan.
  5. Backbone Organization: Collective impact must be supported by a backbone organization whose role is to provide vision and strategy, support activities, create a shared measurement system, build public will for the project, advance policy, and obtain the necessary funds.

The Together for Beaufort County framework organizes key performance indicators by their respective area of focus:


Together for Beaufort County Coalitions:

Nested within each of those five areas of focus are Together for Beaufort County Coalitions. These Coalitions consist of diverse stakeholders who have agreed to participate within the T4BC framework to address community needs and meet community goals. Any such collaborative organization may apply to become a Together for Beaufort County Coalition by completing a Coalition Registration formTogether for Beaufort County Coalitions may benefit from resources and support from the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance, and are eligible for grants from Beaufort County Community Services.


Beaufort County Human Services Alliance:

The Together for Beaufort County framework is maintained by its backbone organization: the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance (You can learn more about the Alliance by clicking here).

The Alliance serves many roles as the backbone organization. These roles include:

  • Developing a unified vision of human services;
  • Tracking, measuring, evaluating, and disseminating community data to stakeholders and residents;
  • Educating residents, stakeholders, and service providers on trends, issues, and community needs;
  • Connecting stakeholders, residents, and other partners through a comprehensive referral network;
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions, focus groups, and committees to develop culturally-appropriate, evidence-based interventions;
  • Enhancing communication through bimonthly newsletters and serving as a single point of contact for various community workgroups;
  • Advancing policy changes to meet the needs of the community;
  • Identifying funding sources for community projects.


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