Together For Beaufort County (T4BC)



Together for Beaufort County (T4BC) is a volunteer-based collaborative, multidisciplinary group that contributes to our community’s capacity to address specific societal needs. Collectively, Together for Beaufort County (T4BC) represents our community’s committed collaborative work to achieve positive collective impact.

There are five criteria true collective impact must meet:

  1. Shared Vision: Partners must agree to a shared vision resulting from a thorough, data-driven understanding of the issues being addressed and culminating with a shared agenda and framework to address them.
  2. Shared Measurement System: Partners must adopt a shared set of key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to measure collective success.
  3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities: The implementation of the shared agenda to resolve community issues must include coordinated activities defined in a joint plan of action.
  4. Continuous Communication: Partners must agree to communicate well and thoroughly with one another in order to maintain the shared vision and the joint planning and execution of the action plan.
  5. Backbone Organization: Collective impact must be supported by a backbone organization that provides vision and strategy, support activities, creates a shared measurement system, builds public positive will to achieve the project, advances policy, and obtains the necessary funds.

The Together for Beaufort County framework organizes key performance indicators by their respective area of focus:

Together for Beaufort County Coalitions:

Nested within each of those five areas of focus are Together for Beaufort County Coalitions. These Coalitions consist of diverse community volunteers addressing community needs. Any such collaborative organization may apply to become a Together for Beaufort County Coalition by completing a Coalition Registration formTogether for Beaufort County Coalitions are volunteer-based, third-party activities focused on specific goals. Each Coalition operates within its own leadership to collectively and positively impact the community. These groups may be supported or facilitated by Beaufort County Human Services Department staff, but Beaufort County does not in any way exercise any control or authority with respect to their work.

The Community Services Committee of Beaufort County Council has established an annual grant program that is administered by the Human Services Department. Through this grant program, any non-profit member of the Human Services Alliance or Together for Beaufort County Coalition is eligible to receive funding. Otherwise, Beaufort County does not provide any financial support for the operations of any group which is a Partner or Coalition in the effort to improve the quality of life in Beaufort County. The government of Beaufort County does not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the actions or inactions of any group or agency which participates in the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance or Together for Beaufort County.


Community Indicator Reports


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2006 Baseline Report

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