Beaufort County Community Services Grant Program

Beaufort County FY23 Community Services Grant Season: July 2022-June 2023

Application Submission Period: May through July 29, 2022

Applications submitted after the submission period ends will not be considered for funding.

Information and Eligibility:

Funds for this grant program are made available from Beaufort County Council under the purview of the Community Services Committee. Established several years ago, the Beaufort County Community Services Grants Program is application-based and designed to support local non-profit human service organizations improve quality-of-life for Beaufort County residents. All grants are contingent upon the availability of funding.

  1. Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) agency, or a recognized Together for Beaufort County coalition.
  2. Funding must directly impact Together for Beaufort County goals and objectives.
  3. Applicants must be approved Beaufort County Human Services Alliance partners. You can register your agency or coalition here.
  4. The grants program is a defined distribution mechanism to ensure that County government funds are used collaboratively for a collective impact (Together for Beaufort County process).  Beaufort County Council and other founding partners designed the grants program in a manner to ensure the distribution of funds in an impartial process.
  5. These funds may not be used for the following:
    1. Religious or Political Activities
    2. Endowments
    3. Legal Services
    4. Fundraising Campaigns
    5. Debt or Encumbrances
    6. Direct Subsidies
  6. Grants are reviewed and awarded annually, distributed in two installments (typically in fall and spring).
  7. Previous year grantees must submit final report prior to submitting their application. Failure to do so by the deadline will result in disqualification.

Review Process:

This process is administered by the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance. Proposals are reviewed by a confidential, independent panel of diverse community professionals who have no conflicting interests with the grant process. Each proposal is reviewed and scored based on its content and merit alone and evaluated using a scoring matrix that identifies five categories for consideration:

  • Organizational stability
  • Target population(s)
  • Community impact
  • Collaborative principles
  • Proposed outcomes

Deadlines and Timeline:

All grant applications must be submitted before 5:00 p.m., Friday, July 29, 2022.

Funding recommendations will be submitted to County Council’s Community Services Committee for consideration in fall. Award notifications will be distributed if County Council has approved the Community Services Committee’s recommendations.

What are the Elements of a Successful Application?

A successful application answers each question directly, specifically, and clearly. It is important to focus on how your organization or coalition will leverage grant funding to promote policy innovation, collaborative solutions, or promote partnerships to improve quality-of-life for Beaufort County residents, 

Questions or Concerns:

Human Services Department staff are prepared to offer assistance with any questions or concerns about the Beaufort County Community Services Grant process in writing prior to the submission date deadline. Please submit all questions about the application or process to Ben Boswell at

Grant Application:

To complete a grant application, please click here: Grant Application. If your agency does not appear in the drop-down box, please register using the links provided above.

Please note that grant applications cannot be saved; please be prepared to complete and submit the application. It is recommended that you draft all responses in a separate document before pasting them into the application. Thank you!