Collaborative Organization of Services for Adults

COSA’s mission is to plan, develop, and facilitate an effective continuum of support for Beaufort County’s adults who are vulnerable by eliminating barriers to service and promoting informal systems of care.

Our vision is that all adults who are vulnerable in Beaufort County and their families will receive the support they need to be healthy and successful members of our community.

Any adult identified by partner agencies as vulnerable may be eligible to receive COSA coordinated assistance.

The COSA Service Planning Team -- which consists of state agency partners, local community partners, and direct service providers – meet as-needed to discuss the details of the referred case and develop coordinated treatment recommendations. In addition to improved service to the individual, benefits also include cost sharing, maximization of resources and networks, and improved interagency cooperation.

Client referrals are received by the COSA Office from our partner agencies and are reviewed and prioritized based on the severity of need identified. Participation in COSA is completely voluntary, and we ask that all applicants complete the release of information (ROI). Court-appointed legal guardians and SCDSS APS case workers may also complete the referral on behalf of their client if necessary.

Once the referral has been reviewed, the COSA Program Supervisor will reach out to the referring agency for any additional details or information needed. Once the Program Supervisor has all the information they need, they will contact the COSA Services Planning Team and coordinate a meeting date where all parties can come together to review the case. The client typically does not participate in these meetings since time may be spent brainstorming solutions that may or may not apply. Once a plan has been developed, the referring agency will follow up with the client to discuss next steps for the implementation and execution of the plan. Other partners will conduct their roles as outlined in the plan. Follow-ups will be scheduled as necessary or upon request by the referring agency.

COSA is committed to providing a forum through which a cross-section of agencies, service providers and citizens join in a community-wide effort to deliver services effectively to meet the needs of our families. COSA is dedicated to collaborating with other service organizations to our community.



COSA Organizational Structure: