High Mileage

High Mileage Chart: Tax Year 2019

Vehicle Registration Year: January - December 2019

The chart below can be used to determine if your vehicle would qualify for the High Mileage Exemption.

The deduction must be applied forin personprior to paymentand tax due date.If this is the first time applying for the High Mileage Exemption, vehicle mileage will be verified by a Auditor Office employee. Please bring the vehicle with you to the office.

Vehicle Model Year Mileage Greater Than
2019 15,000
2018 30,000
2017 45,000
2016 60,000
2015 75,000
2014 90,000
2013 100,000
2012 115,000
2011 130,000
2010 145,000
2009 160,000
2008 175,000
2007 190,000
2006 190,000
2005 190,000
2004 Vehicles 15 yearsor older, taxed at minimal amount

A. Cars and light trucks may appeal for high mileage.
B. Light trucks must have a gross vehicle weight less than 11,000 pounds and a net vehicle weight less than 9,000 pounds to qualify for the high mileage deduction.
C. All other vehicles will not qualify to appeal the assessment due to high mileage.

NOTE:Deduction must be applied forin personprior to paymentand tax due date.